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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

Bug fixes:
 -, check_duplicate(): If a crash has a signature but no existing
   duplicate in the DB, also check for an existing address signature duplicate
   in the DB.
 - apport-retrace: Use DistroRelease specific subdirectory of the cache dir for
   mapping a file to a package, as these maps are release specific.
 - Refresh Contents.gz cache if it is older than one
 - Ensure that address_signature duplicate db table does not have
   multiple identical signatures by making it a primary key. Bump the db format
   to "3". Existing databases need to be migrated manually as SQLite does not
   allow adding a "PRIMARY KEY" constraint to existing tables.
 - Do not add a new address signature entry if one already exists.
 - apport-cli: Fix UnicodeDecodeError on unicode report values. (LP: #275972)
 - Only set bug task importance if it is undecided.
 - apport-retrace: Fix "an useful" typo. (LP: #911437)
 - Filter out frames which are internal kernel/glibc implementation
   details and not stable across duplicates. In particular, filter out
   __kernel-syscall() and the SSE stubs.
 - Remove debugging leftover which completely disabled bug pattern
 - Update reading AssertionMessage. Current (e)glibc turned
   __abort_msg from a simple static string into a struct.

 - Change permissions of .crash files from 0600 to 0640, so that /var/crash can
   be made g+s and crash handling daemons can access those.
 - Python exceptions: Blacklist DBus.Error.NoReply. It does not help to get
   these traces from the client-side application, you need the actual exception
   in the D-Bus server backend instead. (LP: #914220)
 - Support /etc/apport/whitelist.d/ similarly to /etc/apport/blacklist.d/, for
   cases like installer environments where only crashes of a few selected
   programs should be reported.


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