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Release notes 

1.93 (2012-02-23):
Bug fixes:
 - apport-gtk: Fix crash on nonexisting icon. Thanks Evan Dandrea.
   (LP: #937354)
 -, open_url(): Revert back to calling sudo instead of dropping
   privileges ourselves; with the latter, calling firefox as the sudo'ing user
   fails. (LP: #916810, #938128)
 - Fix aborting with "AssertionError" if the report is already known,
   but without an URL. (LP: #938778)
 - If a bug is already known, but the report is private, do not
   send the report. There is little sense piling up lots of duplicates.
   (LP: #938700)
 - test/crash: Fix regression of test_crash_apport(), consider $TERM a
   non-sensitive variable.
 - Fix test failures for data collection progress, they are not expected
   to happen for "ProblemType: Crash" any more (happens in the background
   during sending, or if user clicks on "Show Details").
 - test/hooks: Use a package from Debian/Ubuntu main, so that this works better
   during package builds on build servers.
 - test/python: Do not assume that /var/crash/ exists. Use /var/tmp/ for the
   fake binaries instead.
 - data/general-hooks/ Fix test case name.
 - Fix crash on invalid core dumps. (LP: #937215)
 - Fix crash on unicode report titles. (LP: #896626)

 - apport-gtk: Show the most interesting fields first in the details view.
 - do-release: Call pyflakes and abort on errors other than unused imports.
 - Move all test suites out of the code modules into test/test_<module>.py.
   This avoids having to load it every time the program runs, and also allows
   running the tests against the installed version of Apport.
 - Clean up the other executable test script in test/* and change them to the
   same structure as the module tests.


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