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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

Bug fixes:
 - Ensure that the report file is readable by the crash reporting daemon
   after running through collect_info(). Thanks Evan Dandrea.
 - apport-gtk, apport-kde: Set the window title to the distribution name, as
   per . Thanks Evan Dandrea.
   (LP: #948015)
 - test/run: Ignore obsolete packages on the system, to avoid breaking the GUI
   tests due to them.
 - apport-gtk, apport-kde: When reporting a "system crash", don't say "... of
   this program version", but "...of this type", as we don't show a program
   version in the initial dialog (
   (LP: #961065)
 -, write_mime(): Do not put a key inline if it is bigger
   than 1 kB, to guard against very long lines. (LP: #957326)
 - etc/cron.daily/apport: Do not remove whoopsie's *.upload* stamps every day,
   only if they are older than a week. whoopsie comes with its own cron job
   which deals with them. Thanks Steve Langasek. (LP: #957102)
 -, mark_ignore(): Fix crash if executable went away underneath us.
   (LP: #961410)
 - apport-gtk: Do not compare current continue button label against a
   translated string. Instead just remember whether or not we can restart the
   application. (LP: #960439)
 -, command_output(): Add option to keep the locale instead of
   disabling it.
 -, command_output(): Actually make the "input" parameter work,
   instead of causing an eternal hang. Add tests for all possible modes of
 - Change root_command_output() and attach_root_command_outputs()
   to disable translated messages (LC_MESSAGES=C) only as part of the command
   to be run, not already for the root prefix command. This will keep the
   latter (gksu, kdesudo, etc.) translated. (LP: #961659)
 - apport-gtk: Cut off text values after 4000 characters, as Gtk's TreeView
   does not get along well with huge values. KDE's copes fine, so continue to
   display the complete value there. (LP: #957062)
 - apport-gtk: Make details window resizable in bug reporting mode.
 -, known(): Check the address signature duplicate database if the
   symbolic signature exists, but did not find any result. (LP: #103083)
 - Run anonymization after checking for duplicates, to prevent host or
   user names which look like hex numbers to corrupt the stack trace.
   (LP: #953104)
 - apport-gtk: Require an application to both have TERM and SHELL in its
   environment to consider it a command line application that was started by
   the user. (LP: #962130)
 - backends/, _check_files_md5(): Fix double encoding,
   which caused UnicodeDecodeErrors on non-ASCII characters in an md5sum file.
   (LP: #953682)
 - apport-kde, apport-gtk: Only show "Relaunch" if the report has a
   ProcCmdline, otherwise we cannot restart it. (LP: #956173)

 -, attach_alsa(): Add the full "pacmd list" output instead of
   just sinks and sources. Thanks David Henningsson.
 - apport-gtk, apport-kde: Show the ExecutablePath while we're collecting data
   for the crash report. Thanks Evan Dandrea. (LP: #938707).


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