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Release notes 

This is the final 2.0 release, featuring the overhauled and simplified GUI,
support for whoopsie-daemon, and client-side duplicate checking.

Bug fixes:
 -, anonymize(): Only replace whole words, not substrings.
   (LP: #966562)
 - Fix filtering of org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply
   exceptions. (LP: #958575)
 - When publishing the crash database, cut hash file names after
   quoting, to avoid that the quoting causes them to become too long.
   (LP: #968070) This also uncovered that known() did not actually find any
   signature which contained an URL-quoted character, therefore breaking
   client-side duplicate checking in a lot of cases. Double-quote the file name
   now, as urlopen() unquotes it.
 - Add a new crash database option "problem_types" and a CrashDatabase method
   "accepts(report)". This can be used to stop uploading particular problem
   report types to that database. E. g. a distribution might decide to not get
   "Crash" reports any more after release. Document the new option in
 - Do not upload a report if the crash database does not accept the
   report's type. This behaviour is not really correct, but necessary as long
   as we only support a single crashdb and have whoopsie hardcoded. Once we
   have multiple crash dbs, we need to not even present the data if none of the
   DBs wants the report. See LP #957177 for details. (LP: #968121)
 - Do not short-circuit information collection if report already has a
   "DistroRelease" field, as the GUIs add that in some cases. Check for
   "Dependencies" instead. This fixes information collection for kernel
   problems (which now has a full GTK GUI test case). (LP: #968488)


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