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Release notes 

 *, install_packages(): Add permanent_rootdir flag and if set,
   only unpack newly downloaded packages. Implement it for the apt/dpkg
   backend. Thanks Evan Dandrea.
 * apport-retrace: Add --sandbox-dir option for keeping a permanent sandbox
   (unpacked packages). This provides a considerable speedup. Thanks Evan
 * crash-digger: Add --sandbox-dir option and pass it to apport-retrace.
 * Fix the whole code to be PEP-8 compatible, and enforce this in test/run by
   running the "pep8" tool.
 * GTK UI tests: Ensure that there are no GLib/GTK warnings or criticals.
 * Support Python 3. Everything except the launchpad crashdb backend now works
   with both Python 2 and 3. An important change is that the load(),
   write(), and write_mime() methods of a ProblemReport and apport.Report
   object now require the file stream to be opened in binary mode.
 * data/apport: Ignore a crash if the executable was modified after the process
   started. This often happens if the package is upgraded and a long-running
   process is not stopped before. (LP: #984944)
 * Add test cases for apport-unpack.
 * apport-retrace: Add information about outdated packages to the
   "RetraceOutdatedPackages" field.
 * Drop python-xdg dependency, use ConfigParser to read the .desktop

Bug fixes:
 * apport-gtk: Work around GTK crash when trying to set pixmap on an already
   destroyed parent window. (LP: #938090)
 * data/ Fix crash on undefined variable with non-standard
   tables. (LP: #982267)
 * backends/ Fix crash if a package is installed, but has
   no candidates in apt. (LP: #980094)
 * data/general-hooks/ Bump minimum free space requirement from 10
   to 50 MB. 10 is not nearly enough particularly for /tmp. (LP: #979928)
 *, recent_logfile(): Use a default limit of 10000 lines and call
   "tail" instead of reading the whole file. This protects against using up all
   memory when there are massive repeated log messages. (LP: #984256)
 * apport-gtk: Do not assume that an icon requested for size 42 actually
   delivers size 42; some themes do not have this available and deliver a
   smaller one instead, causing overflows. Also, copy the image as
   gtk_icon_theme_load_icon() returns a readonly result which we must not
   modify. (LP: #937249)
 * Don't show the duplicate warning when the crash database does not
   accept the problem type, and they are just being sent to whoopsie. Thanks
   Evan Dandrea. (LP: #989779)
 * Correctly escape the file path passed to gdb.
 * apport-gtk, apport-kde: Do not show the information collection progress
   dialog if the crash database does not accept this kind of report. In that
   case whoopsie will upload it in the background and the dialog is not
   necessary. (LP: #989698)


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