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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

 * recoverable_problem: Can take the PID as an argument.
 * Add data/whoopsie-upload-all: Process all pending crashes and mark them for
   whoopsie upload, but do not upload them to any other crash database. Wait
   until whoopsie is done uploading.
 * Eliminate multiple calls to lsb_release by caching the result. On systems
   which provide /etc/os-release, use that instead of lsb_release.
   (LP: #1164742)

Bug fixes:
 * Show the Python major version in the error message about
   missing launchpadlib.
 * Check if options for updating and reporting a new bug get used
   together, and give a proper error message in this case. (LP: #1071905)
 * apport: Fix "Exectuable" typo, leading to reports not being synced on
   upstart crashes. Thanks James Hunt. (LP: #1203744)
 * Rename apport-gtk-mime.desktop to apport-gtk.desktop and drop the
   old apport-gtk.desktop that wasn't even being installed. With that, the
   window will be shown as "Report a problem..." instead of "Apport-gtk" in
   GNOME shell and other DEs. Thanks Jeremy Bicha. (LP: #1207496)
 *, add_gdb_info(): Fix crash if gdb cannot load the symbol map.
   (LP: #1171484)
 * apport-retrace: Fix crash when using --sandbox without --cache.
   (LP: #1197034)
 * Fix error message when PID is inaccessible. (LP: #1204718)
 * doc/data-format.tex: Drop unused "OS" and "OSRelease" fields, replace with
   "DistroRelease" which is actually being used. (LP: #1018387)


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