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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

* Adjust backend_apt_dpkg.test_get_file_package() test: newer util-linux
   versions do not provide /etc/ any more.
 * Fix interpretation of core dump ulimits: they are in bytes, not kB.
   (LP: #1346497)
 * apport-retrace: Don't require specifying an operation; default to updating
   the given .crash file. (LP: #1361242)
 * Write report even on UnreportableReasons, so that whoopsie can still upload
   them. (LP: #1360417)
 * apt/dpkg install_packages(): Write a "packages.txt" into sandbox root
   directory to keep track of installed packages and their versions.
   Prerequisite for LP #1352591.
 * apt/dpkg install_packages(): Avoid re-downloading/installing packages which
   are already installed into a permanent sandbox. Prerequisite for LP #1352591.
 *, make_sandbox(): Drop check for already existing files when
   dynamically resolving libraries and ExecutablePaths; with that, these
   packages would never get updated in a permanent sandbox. The new version
   tracking from above now takes care of that. (LP: #1352591)
 * Fix report.test_add_proc_info test to stop assuming that pid 1 is named
   "init", as one can specify a different one on the kernel command line.
 *, add_gdb_info(): Check for truncated core dumps, and set
   UnreportableReason and raise an IOError on them. Handle this in
   apport-retrace and whoopsie-upload-all to fail properly instead of silently
   producing broken Stacktraces. (LP: #1354571)


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