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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

Improvements/behaviour changes:
 * Add a new method ProblemReport.extract_keys() which writes binary keys
   (which can be very large) directly to files without loading them all into
   memory first. Use that in apport-unpack. Thanks Louis Bouchard!
   (LP: #1307413)
 * launchpad backend: Work with Python 3, now that launchpadlib exists for
   Python 3. (LP: #1153671)
 * apport-bug, apport-gtk: Also check for $WAYLAND_DISPLAY, to use apport-gtk
   instead of apport-cli under Wayland. Thanks Tim Lunn. (LP: #1418766)
 * apport-gtk: When running under Wayland, avoid Gdk/Wnck operation for setting
   crash window modal to the PID of the crashed window; these only work under
 * Don't install the test suite any more, to save 1 MB of installed space. It
   can be run out of trunk easily enough, and distributions can install it from
   tests/ if they desire.

Bug fixes:
 * hookutils, attach_root_command_outputs(): Fix UnicodeDecodeError crash for
   non-textual values. (LP: #1370259)
 * Only provide a UI to hooks if the crash db will accept the report.
   This avoids asking questions if the report is merely sent to whoopsie for
   Ubuntu stable releases. Thanks Brian Murrary. (LP: #1084979)
 * whoopsie-upload-all: Add package information to the report before calling
   package hooks. Thanks Brian Murray.
 * Fix check for available terminal when checking whether to display the
   "Examine locally" button.


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