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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

* hookutils.in_session_of_problem(): Check $XDG_SESSION_ID and
   /run/systemd/sessions instead of the cgroup, as the latter does not work
   under cgmanager.
 * ProblemReport: Set a timestamp of 0 in gzip compressed fields; they are
   meaningless and cause unnecessary jitter in the output.
 * launchpad backend: Fix unclosed file in upload().
 * launchpad backend: Fix wrong use of filter() with Python 3.
 * launchpad backend download(): Try to convert textual values from byte arrays
   into into strings.
 *, collect_info(): Fix crash on bug pattern checking with broken gzipped
   values. (LP: #1345653)
 * hookutils, attach_drm_info(): Avoid UnicodeDecodeErrors in Python 3 when
   reading binary files. Thanks Chad Miller. (LP: #1425254)
 * apport-gtk: Update legacy icon names to modern GTK ones, to fix icons under
   GNOME. Thanks Scott Sanbar. (LP: #1422176)
 * Move backend_apt_dpkg testsuite to use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
 * hookutils, attach_dmesg(): Only attach dmesg as CurrentDmesg, drop BootDmesg
   as /var/log/dmesg is upstart specific and thus not reliably correct any
 * hookutils, recent_syslog(): Read system logs from the journal when running
   under systemd, and fall back to /var/log/syslog if not.
 * hookutils, attach_mac_events(): Read kernel violation messages from dmesg
   instead of /var/log/kern.log, as that's specific to rsyslog and its


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