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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

* SECURITY FIX: Restrict a report's CrashDB field to literals.
   Use ast.literal_eval() instead of the generic eval(), to prevent arbitrary
   code execution from malicious .crash files. A user could be tricked into
   opening a crash file whose CrashDB field contains an exec(), open(), or
   similar commands; this is fairly easy as we install a MIME handler for
   these. Thanks to Donncha O'Cearbhaill for discovering this!
   (CVE-2016-9949, LP: #1648806)
 * SECURITY FIX: Fix path traversal vulnerability with hooks execution.
   Ensure that Package: and SourcePackage: fields loaded from reports do not
   contain directories. Until now, an attacker could trick a user into opening a
   malicious .crash file containing

     Package: ../../../../some/dir/foo

   which would execute /some/dir/ with arbitrary code.
   Thanks to Donncha O'Cearbhaill for discovering this!
   (CVE-2016-9950, LP: #1648806)
 * SECURITY FIX: apport-{gtk,kde}: Only offer "Relaunch" for recent /var/crash
   It only makes sense to offer relaunching for crashes that just happened and
   the apport UI got triggered on those. When opening a .crash file copied from
   somewhere else or after the crash happened, this is even actively dangerous
   as a malicious crash file can specify any arbitrary command to run.
   Thanks to Donncha O'Cearbhaill for discovering this!
   (CVE-2016-9951, LP: #1648806)
 * Move tests from Ubuntu 15.10 "wily" (which is EOL
   now) to 16.04 LTS "xenial".
 * Explicitly set Dir::State::Status to the host
   dpkg status file for get_source_tree(), to work with apt 1.3~pre4.
 * Change the proxy settings to use "DIRECT" instead
   of "direct". The latter never really worked, but APT did not complain about
 * data/iwlwifi_error_dump: Fix add_package() call.
 *, attach_mac_events(): Only attach /proc/version_signature if
   that actually exists.
 * test/ Slightly relax stack trace checks to also work with
   glibc 2.24.
 * apport-gtk: Specify module version with GI imports to avoid warnings. Thanks
   Anatoly Techtonik. (LP: #1502173)
 * test/run: Prefer pycodestyle over pep8.
 * backends/ provide a fallback method if using zgrep to
   search for a file in Contents.gz fails due to a lack of memory. Thanks
   Brian Murray.
 * bin/apport-retrace: When --core-file is used instead of loading the core
   file and adding it to the apport report just pass the file reference to gdb.


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