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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

* Fix incompatibility with Python 3.3.
 * Allow XDG_RUNTIME_DIR environment variable, as it
   only shows whether or not it is set. (Test regression from 2.6)
 * Only reject reports with useless stack traces if the report
   actually has a stack trace at all.
 * Fix UTF-8 string handling. Thanks Ritesh Raj Sarraf.
 * Fix crash on broken "Package" fields, as generated by current
   Debian/Ubuntu dkms package.
 * data/apport: Call fsync when writing upstart crash reports.
 *, add_gdb_info(): Handle libnih's assertion messages.
   (LP: #997359)
 * apport-gtk, apport-kde: Don't provide an option to restart a crashed
   application when the crash occurred in a thread (LP: #1033902).
 * apport-retrace: Disallow option -C without option -S. Thanks Kyle Nitzsche.
 *, mark_report_upload(): Refresh the .upload stamps if a previous
   version of the report was already uploaded, but another instance of the
   problem happened since then. Thanks Brian Murray. (LP: #1084296)
 * Ignore implausibly low addresses when computing StacktraceAddressSignature.
   These are usually artifacts from gdb when not having debug symbols, and
   having too many of them prevents proper client-side duplicate detection and
   proper bucketing in daisy. (LP: #1084996)
 * Ignore .desktop files with NoDisplay=true. (LP: #1048524)


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