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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

* SECURITY UPDATE: When /proc/sys/fs/suid_dumpable is enabled, crashing a
   program that is suid root or not readable for the user would create
   root-owned core files in the current directory of that program. Creating
   specially crafted core files in /etc/logrotate.d or similar could then lead
   to arbitrary code execution with root privileges.
   Now core files do not get written for these kinds of programs, in accordance
   with the intention of core(5).
   Thanks to Sander Bos for discovering this issue!
   (CVE-2015-1324, LP: #1452239)
 * SECURITY UPDATE: When writing a core dump file for a crashed packaged
   program, don't close and reopen the .crash report file but just rewind and
   re-read it. This prevents the user from modifying the .crash report file
   while "apport" is running to inject data and creating crafted core
   dump files. In conjunction with the above vulnerability of writing core
   dump files to arbitrary directories this could be exploited to gain root
   Thanks to Philip Pettersson for discovering this issue!
   (CVE-2015-1325, LP: #1453900)
 * apportcheckresume: Fix "occured" typo, thanks Matthew Paul Thomas.
   (LP: #1448636)
 * signal_crashes test: Fix test_crash_setuid_* to look at whether
   suid_dumpable was enabled.
 * test/run: Run UI tests under dbus-launch, newer GTK versions require this


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