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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

* apport: Drop re-nicing. This might decrease the time a user has to wait for
   apport to finish the core dump for a crashed/hanging foreground process.
   (See LP #1278780)
 * SECURITY FIX: kernel_crashdump: Enforce that the log/dmesg files are not a
   symlink. This prevents normal users from pre-creating a symlink to the
   predictable .crash file, and thus triggering a "fill up disk" DoS attack
   when the .crash report tries to include itself. Thanks to halfdog for
   discovering this!
   (CVE-2015-1338, part of LP #1492570)
 * SECURITY FIX: Fix all writers of report files (package_hook,
   kernel_crashdump, and similar) to open the report file exclusively, i. e.
   fail if they already exist. This prevents privilege escalation through
   symlink attacks. Note that this will also prevent overwriting previous
   reports with the same same. Thanks to halfdog for discovering this!
   (CVE-2015-1338, LP: #1492570)
 * apport: Ignore process restarts from systemd's watchdog. Their traces are
   usually useless as they don't have any information about the actual reasaon
   why processes hang (like VM suspends or kernel lockups with bad hardware)
   (LP: #1433320)
 * Switch all executables to use Python 3 by default.


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