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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

Bug fixes:
 * Fix test for calling test runner with absolute
 * Fix crash on writing virtual_mapping.db when running
   with --sandbox-dir and -S system or giving no --cache.
 * Fix re-raising of exceptions in Python 3. Thanks Martin
   Packman! (LP: #1024836)
 * apport-retrace: Keep compressed CoreDump from .crash files instead of
   uncompressing them into memory. This dramatically reduces memory usage.
   (LP: #981155)

 * Add an apport.memdbg() function which prints out current memory usage if
   APPORT_MEMDEBUG is set. Annotate apport-retrace with it.
 * Allow specifying a list of profile names when using
   attach_mac_events(). Thanks Marc Deslauriers.
 *, attach_root_command_outputs() and root_command_output(): Drop
   usage of sudo, kdesudo, and gksu, and replace with pkexec. For
   attach_root_command_outputs(), use a wrapper and proper .policy file which
   explains the action and works under every environment; thus
   attach_root_command_outputs() is preferred over root_command_output() now,
   as it provides a better user experience.
 * Package hooks which want to send the report to a different crash database
   than "default" can now also give the database specification itself in the
   "CrashDB" field, not just the DB name. With this, packages do not need to
   ship a separate /etc/apport/crashdb.conf.d/ file. Please see
   doc/package-hooks.txt for details. (LP: #551330)
 *, add_hooks_info(): If reporting against a package/program in /opt,
   also search for package hooks in the corresponding /opt directory. This
   allows such hooks to define a custom crash database and thus report bugs
   against their own project instead of against the distribution.
   (LP: #1020503)


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