Appy 0.8.3 has been released

Written for Appy by Gaƫtan Delannay on 2013-02-22

***pod now works with ODS (spreadsheet) templates! ***

Here is the full change log.

- Added the possibility to use POD with ODS (Calc) templates. Integration with gen (Pod field).
- Bugfix for (thanks Gauthier): management of HTML entities with the standard Python SAX parser expatreader.
- Bugfix while generating filenames for files included into pod results.
- Changed the way pod results are re-zipped, in order to be compliant with section 17.4 of the OpenDocument format specification (bug
- Use, when available, Python's uuid module to generate images and file names to be included in pod results.
- Performance improvement: stop computing tag names, create a dict of precomputed tags before starting parsing.
- Bugfix: import several times an image from the same URL.

- Bugfix: it is now possible to generate indexes on back references.
- Added the possibility to span widgets on several columns on the search screen (param Field.scolspan).
- Added config param 'enableSessionTimeout' for enabling/disabling session timeout (disabled by default).
- Bugfix: generate i18n label even for transitions for which show is False, because the label will be used within object's history.
- Allow to display, in history, differences between successive versions of XHTML fields via appy.shared.diff.HtmlDiff (which was not integrated to appy.gen until now). Improved rendering of XHTML fields.
- Allow to show the cumulative differences performed on historized String fields with format=String.XHTML.
- One can now specify a different source language for every translation.
- field.history can now be a method. This way, historization can be enabled/disabled, field by field, according to any custom condition.
- Bugfixes in cleaning of XHTML fields.
- Allow Managers to delete data change events if things go wrong.
- Bugfix in generation of back reference for predefined Refs from
- Bugfix while editing XHTML fields from class
- Added a system for locking pages when editing it.
- Added, on (the unique Appy HTML form) a handler window.onbeforeunload to warn the user that data can be lost or a lock can stay on the object.
- Stop using param 'cmp' in method [].sort (deprecated in Python3). Used para 'key' instead.
- Wrapper.reindex: allow to specify attribute 'fields' containing the list of fields that must be reindexed. If not given, all object fields are reindexed.
- Improved search abilities.
- Added params Type.swidth and Type.sheight to allow for different sizes for the search widgets.
- Bugfix while generating the Translation class (page 'main' was not viewable because of field 'trToTool' for which was False for an unknown reason).
- Added a link to the home page for anonymous users; resized fields 'login' and 'password'.
- Bugfixes with IE8 and JS function 'getElementsByName'.

- Converted files with country codes to UTF-8.
- Added, which is the list of countries of the euro zone.
- added method 'copy' to get a copy of a file.

- Added a script for creating a local Debian repository (yes I know this is a bit far from the core Appy business)

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