The (Probably True) Plone News #1# Lost in a buildout

Written for Appy by Gaƫtan Delannay on 2009-08-17

Flawinne, in the course of July

Still no news from Gervais Pepe, an experienced Plone developer from Wallonia. 48 hours ago, G.P. was seen for the last time just before entering the develop-egg of i18ndude into a Plone 3 buildout. The police found yesterday his keyboard. Keys 'c' and 'd' could hardly be recognized. Nobody understands why Gervais decided to investigate the installation problems without assistance. Some colleagues describe him as pretentious: "How can one imagine to be able to perform this kind of tasks only after seven years of experience in the domain?". Several VirtualEnvs are currently explored, but investigators progress slowly. They are currently trying to re-compile a Linux kernel that would allow to explore the very first levels of a buildout-wide folder hierarchy. The police recalls that suicide is still among valid assumptions.

Updated on 2009-08-17.

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