Appy 0.7.1 has been released

Written for Appy by Gaƫtan Delannay on 2011-12-15

- bugfix when importing images under Windows (
- added the possibility to specify size of images to import (see

- bugfix while validating file fields which are mandatory
- stopped using uid_catalog and added index 'UID' in portal_catalog
- bugfix while searching objects in the limits of a Ref field
- display user info in the main template (name, id, roles)
- when creating an object from a reference, after creation, appy brings the user back to the view page where the Ref field was
- reworked management of Ref fields, that do not use Archetypes and reference catalog anymore.
- added a mechanism for migrating from one Appy version to another, automatically, when reinstalling an Appy application.

- added the possibility to define login and password for SMTP authentication (the script allows to send mail)

This version corresponds to trunk, revision 173.

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