Appy 0.8.0 has been released

Written for Appy by Gaƫtan Delannay on 2011-12-15

- Added class that allows to create a complex (ie, with a dynamic number of columns) table programmatically (to be imported with a statement 'do ... from'). This class allows to generate HTML tables as well (qui peut le plus peut le moins)
- Bugfix while generating tracebacks within odt results (unicode-related)
- When using function 'document' in 'from' statements, first arg can now be a appy.shared.utils.FileWrapper instance.

- First pure Zope version of Appy. Plone has been completely removed.
- Brand new web interface for appy.gen applications
- Integrated tinyMCE
- Ref.shownInfo can now specify column widths (ie, 'title*70%')
- Updated default page and field layouts
- Stop generating a label for back references it not needed.
- Reimplemented master/slave-related Javascript code without Plone queryCss
- Ugly Zope acquisition-related bugfix
- Bugfix while rendering file widgets
- Added a widget 'List' for rendering grids of data.
- Generalized use of appy.Object
- Existence of a field value (that triggers search for a default value) is now based on Type.isEmptyValue, and not '==None'
- Bugfix with default values for List fields
- Prevent search icon to be shown for a Ref when there is no linked object
- Use appy.shared.utils.formatNumber function
- Visual bugfix while displaying boolean fields
- Type 'float': added the possibility to define a separator for thousands
- Permission-related bugfix while creating objects through AbstractWrapper.create
- Bugfix in group widget 'tabs'
- Improved layout of grid widgets in view mode
- Use of .pyt extensions for template Python classes in appy.gen.templates in order to avoid byte-compilation errors when distutils installs Appy

- Updated, that is now able to generate a DistUtils tar.gz for Appy
- can now be called with option '-s' (silent): in this mode no question is asked to the user, default values are used
- Updated that generates a better Plone4-ready simple Zope instance;

- Added new class appy.shared.diff.HtmlDiff for computing differences between 2 chunks of HTML code.
- xml_parser.XmlMarshaller: support for default namespaces and 'any' tags.
- dav: bugfix in error handling
- utils: added french-accents-aware functions lower and upper
- utils: improved functions normalizeString and formatNumber

This version corresponds to trunk, revision 200.

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