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Appy 0.6.5 has been released

Written for Appy by Gaëtan Delannay on 2011-03-22

Changed in appy.pod

- Added default function 'text' that allows to dump a string containing carriage returns into the ODT, with statements like 'do... from text(someStringContainingCarriageReturns)'
- Bugfix in the management of conflictual inner-tags in the odt2html conversion: in some cases (when style mappings are applied), empty tags that needed to be removed were not removed because of the presence of tag attributes.

Changed in appy.gen

- Bugfix while displaying content of textarea-entered text (Strings with format=String.TEXT): for displaying again textarea content, I replaced 'backslash n' with html br tags, but in some cases carriage returns are stored as a sequence of 'backslah r' and 'backslah n' chars. In this case, 'backslash r' chars were left alone in the HTML page, producing sometimes strange behaviour within the browser.
- Stop storing workflow task attribute '_v_appy_do' as a volatile attr in ZODB (renamed it '_appy_do'). Sometimes it is removed by a sub-transaction during a long transition.
- Registration of the default Zope profile does not seem to work anymore. It is probably due to Plone hot fix from 2011-02-08. Here we have implemented an alternative way to register the profile, which works even with the hotfix.
- every field can now define a dict of i18n mappings that will be used for translating their label and/or description and/or help message(s).
- Bugfix in the validator for the default field 'UNO-enabled Python interpreter'.
- Bugfix while comparing values for historization purposes

Appy 0.6.4 has been released

Written for Appy by Gaëtan Delannay on 2011-02-22

* Added Renderer param "overwriteExisting" allowing to overwrite existing POD result instead of raising an exception (defaults to False)
* Bugfix in cell repetition that does not start in the first cell of a table
* Added conversion to more Microsoft formats (docx, xlsx)
* Bugfix: style_manager crashed on empty outlineLevelKey

* bugfix in Date intervals coming from
* implemented ToolMixin.performLogin (inspired from Plone authentication)
* minor bugfix while redirecting user to a page that must display a global status message
* logged every translation deletion.
* when redisplaying the 'edit' view, empty any password field.
* added the possibility to freeze, within Pod fields, documents that are normally generated with appy.pod.
* Minor changes in the test system
* XmlUnmarshaller can unmarshall XML content from a string, file handler of file path
* any Appy object now has a method 'getField(name)' that returns a given field (=Appy type)
* bugfix while counting number of tests found in a gen-application.
* bugfix while indexing empty string values: bugfix while accessing object from a query without security enabled.

Appy 0.6.3 has been released

Written for Appy by Gaëtan Delannay on 2011-02-15

Changed in appy.pod
* improved html2odt conversion (management of XHTML tag hierarchies like p->div->p)
* bullets for default list styles in any ODT file generated through pod are now smaller.

Changed in appy.gen
* added CSS tooltips and bugfix while querying several content type at once.
* added default validation for wrong dates
* for Action fields, added value 'filetmp' for param 'result' for removing temp files that are returned as the result of an action
* values entered by the user in the search screens are not stripped
* wrapper method 'export' can now export an object in a CSV file
* Added the possibility to customize the global message when validation fails.
* Added the concept of 'fake' workflow transitions: when a user can't trigger a transition but needs an explanation about why he can't, a fake button is shown, with a explanation.
* Added the possibility to give a custom context to the macro specified for a Computed field
* added param 'confirm' to a workflow transition, allowing to show a confirm popup before triggering it
* added param 'format' for translate method, allowing to produce strings that conform to HTML or JS.
* Added the possibility to define POD templates for any search result (Pod field with param view='search')
* bugfix while getting default value for a Ref field
* added Computed fields that computes a ZPT macro given as a string to param 'method'
* added the possibility to define a global style mapping for every Pod field
* stopped to generate a field-specific set of i18n labels for pod output formats
* carry portal_status_message even through page redirections
* added 'deprecatedAddRemove' tags in generated configure.zcml
* onEdit can now return a customized message
* added possibility to normalize strings for other usages than 'fileName' in appy.shared.utils.normalizeString (for alpha and alphanum usages)
* Added method 'unlink' on any appy class, for unlinking objects from references
* Bugfixes in display of workflow state in columns.

Appy 0.6.2 has been released

Written for Appy by Gaëtan Delannay on 2011-01-19

Changed in appy.pod
*********************** can convert docx and xlsx formats
xhtml function manages strike and underline styles
XHTML entities can now be managed with the standard expat parser (works for Python2.4, but not yet for >=2.5)

Changed in appy.gen
Added a translation system in replacement of Zope one, that allows, within the configuration, to edit every translation label through-the-web in any of the languages supported by the gen-application.

Updated on 2011-01-19.

New in appy.pod since 0.6.1: insert expressions via fields

Written for Appy by Gaëtan Delannay on 2010-11-23

Insert POD expressions in fields instead of track-changed text: they will then be copy/pastable, which is not the case for track-changed ones. Drawback: inserting such expressions may be a bit less easy than track-changed text. See an example in appy/pod/test/templates/FieldExpressions.odt (in the zip file). Note that track-changed POD expressions will still be supported.

Updated on 2010-11-23.

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