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Gaëtan Delannay
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Release notes 

Appy 0.9.4 includes some significant changes, bugfixes and improvements, in the appy.pod part (more work on the xhtml2odt conversion, images import, compatibility with latest LibreOffice...) as well as in the appy.gen part (JSON support, Google API integration...).
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- PdfImporter: create temp images with Ghostscript in the OS temp folder.
- Bugfix (calling imagemagick to perform a transformation on an included image).
- doc_importers::ImageImporter: bugfixes. bugfix.
- xhtml2odt: removed default style AppyStandard (derived from Standard): use Standard style as direct parent for other Appy-specific styles.
- xhtml2odt: many small bugfixes.
- xhtml2odt: retrieve styles defined on 'p' tags within 'td' tags, that are removed from the result.
- xhtml2odt: support css attributes 'text-decoration', 'font-weight' and 'font-style'.
- Bugfix: custom styles generated by the styles_manager::StylesGenerator for 'p' and 'div' tags are now defined as children of the default Standard style.
- Bugfix with LibreOffice 5 that adds text:sender-initials tags within annotations.
- allow to export a multi-sheet excel file as multiple CSV files (using outputType='csv*').

- Created class appy.gen.Ui and an instance of it in Config.ui for customizing the user interface: banner, fonts, etc. Consequently, appy.css now contains Appy variables (syntax: |variableName|) that are resolved at web server startup from Ui fields.
- bugfix.
- added method FileInfo::getExtension
- User interface:: the Appy message (yellow rectangle) has now a fixed position and always appears, even if the top of the page is not shown.
- pxTemplate: added hook 'pxLinksAfter' for defining additional links after the pages.
- jscalendar integration: bugfix.
- List field: bugfixes.
- Ref field: take Ref.sselect into account.
- Ref field: cell layout for Refs; bugfix when rendering ref fields within other ref fields.
- Pod field: added a new predefined layout (left-aligned).
- Pod field: added param raiseOnError (similar to pod's Renderer homonym parameter)
- Pod field: added parameter « action » allowing to define an action that executes when after a pod result is produced.
- All fields : added some predefined layouts of 'vd' type (view-description: for fields that need to display their description on view layouts.
- Computed field: method can now be a (statically or a method producing a) Search instance.
- LDAP: allow to test LDAP servers at Appy startup.
- Groups with 'grid' layout: bugfix (rendering of sub-groups within a 'grid' group).
- For every HTML page produced by Appy, get a content for tag html->header->title based on the currently shown object and page.
- More flashy IE8 warning and bugfixes for IE11.
- Added param Field.indexValue allowing to specify a method producing a value to index that may be different than the stored value.
- object.onEditEarly takes now a param.
- Allow to show/hide the login form.
- Added method Class.getLoginsHaving allowing to know what logins have a given local role on some object.
- Added the concept of 'authentication context'.
- added a method for modifying roles mentioned in workflow transitions.
- Removed unused persistent Tool fields (those fields became RAM-config fields).

- better error reporting.
- the JSON decoder now converts JSON dicts into Python objects.
- Bugfix in the XML unmarshaller. Thanks Marc Dubrowski.
- first steps for calling the Web Services Google API, allowing to geocode addresses and compute distances between it.

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