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Sebastian Heinlein
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Release notes 

CHANGES (0.43)

 * Enhancements:

   - If there are unsatisiefied dependencies show more details like
     apt-get does
   - Allow distributions to ship different lintian tag files (fatal and
     non-fatal ones) - adds a depedency on lsb_release
   - No longer take queued transactions into account to simulate
     transactions (future status). The multi arch support adds to much
   - Automatically switch to non-interactive mode if the controlling terminal
     of the client isn't available anymore
   - Verify package names specified in aptdaemon DBus calls

 * API changes:

   - aptdaemon.gtkwidgets.AptProgressDialog.run() is now deferable,
     LP #626798

 * Bug fixes:

   - Wait for the lock after dpkg has been executed instead of failing

     LP #698170, #665572
   - Don't overwrite DBusException.args in TransactionFailed leading to
     empty error messages
   - Fix policykit translations by dropping the gettext domain field from the
     policy definitions, LP #690270
   - Fix installing local packages which are not yet known to the cache
   - Fix use of required_version in the gt3widgets, thanks pitti
   - Fix the client add_repository call, thanks mvo
   - Stop processing a transaction in the client if there has been an error
   - Adapt gtkwidgets.AptProgressDialog.run() to latest API using
     the sync() method of the transaction
   - Call waitpid after reading the output from lintian, LP# 724859
   - Allow package names containing an architecture separated by ":",
     LP #750941
   - gtkwidgets.AptProgressDialog.run() should call Transaction.sync() if
     attach is True. Missing adoption to API changes.
   - Don't segfault if we cannot read the status of the process holding a
     lock - fixes LP #745517
   - Fix UnicodeDecodeErrors, LP #724735, #745261, #742051, #749505, #707490,
     #707490, #708964, #747037 and #706572
   - Fix logging of Finished signals


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