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A simple yet powerful tool which allows you to create one (or more) installation disc containing all of the packages downloaded via apt-get or aptitude.

A GUI-based tool that allows you to create a CD/DVD with all downloaded packages with APT-GET, creating a removable-repository.

With aptoncd you can:
* Create a CD/DVD with all downloaded packages
* Backup/restore all packages installeds with APT
* Install the same packages in a lot of machines
* Upgrade a lot of computers with same DVD
* And more is expected...

In the "Create APTonCD" feature we have the possibility to make a CD/DVD with all previously downloaded packages with apt-get or aptitude. It uses apt-cache (/var/cache/apt/archives) and scans for packages and makes a repository in one (or more) CD/DVD, exactly as the previous option.

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Rafael Proença
APTonCD-Dev Team
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