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Community Contributions
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4 Brad Phillips, 4 rejon
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823081 #823081 Aiki is at 0.4.4! Need to upgrade to latest 2 Critical rejon  6 Confirmed
693717 #693717 fix language encoding on pages 3 High rejon  6 Confirmed
823082 #823082 there isn't a dev site separate from live site 3 High rejon  6 Confirmed
823116 #823116 add cc iftar pages back up on the site 3 High   6 Confirmed
692882 #692882 add launchpad links for bugs and feature tracker to the site 2 Critical rejon  10 Fix Released
823068 #823068 there is not a public blogging interface 2 Critical Brad Phillips  10 Fix Released
823071 #823071 there is not a way to upload files easily 3 High Brad Phillips  10 Fix Released
823115 #823115 there should be an edit blog post link on the item pages 3 High Brad Phillips  10 Fix Released
823376 #823376 the delete button not working 3 High Brad Phillips  10 Fix Released
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