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Archetype is a structural JavaScript Framework. It helps a lot in big JavaScript and Ajax application and ables developers to use JS instead of Flash for heavy developments.

The Framework:
- simplifies good practices in JS
- is modular (can be used just for some of is function : loading, templates, logging, etc.)
- is designed to fully work in MVC on the client side
- provide an easy to use logging interface
- adds a lightning fast template system for JS inspired by Smarty
- help for files loading in an efficient way (JS dependencies, templates, etc.) to avoid JS errors in big projects
- adds communication through Events between components
- ease development through :
   - components
   - graphical components (aka your own widgets)
   - methodBuilders (Archetype associates a particular service to a method call)

Archetype simplifies much of JS uncommon behavior compared to common languages (java, php, etc.): you don't need to program exactly what you want, you just need to describe it and Archetype will write it as needed !

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