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Arduino/Genuino UNO R3 experimental sketches. file excerpt:

Arduino UNO R3 experimental sketches

What is it?

A little set of sketches written with the Arduino IDE software (see
<>) to share with all curious
minds who wish to experiment the awesome Arduino UNO R3 electronic
development board.

Some concepts and ideas are not mine, but they're usually credited into
source code.


All my personal files are licensed under the GNU General Public License
(GPL), either in version 2 or in later version.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License i.e.
at least one LICENSE file along with this project.

If not, browse to <> for more details.

These sketches are written in C/C++ for experimental purpose and come
with NO WARRANTY of any kind.


Sketches need to be compiled with the Arduino IDE software and some of
them require electronic components you should find in commercial
starter kits.

It is also possible to find all these electronic components online, at
any good hobbyist shop.

Feel free to grab, share, copy and modify any sketch you like, at your


Keep floppy in, get more fun:

SDL2/C Game Template

SDL2/C++ Game Template

SDL2/C++ Scuba Max

Arduino UNO R3 sketches

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Raphaël Seban
Raphaël Seban

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