Ares 0.B is finally here

Written for Ares by AlexB on 2016-03-29

Back to the normal three month release cycle, Ares 0.B has been released today. This is again a smaller release compared to the last one, and it focuses on prerquisites and ammo.

Yuri's Revenge had a special logic to handle the Slave Miner, so the undeployed vehicle version also satisfied the refinery prerequisite. This logic has been extended to all Generic Prerequisite Groups and extended to not only support more than one item but also support infantry and aircraft.

Weapons may now require more than one round of ammunition to be fired, or none at all, and units can reload custom amounts of ammunition when reloading, also depending on whether they still have ammo left. The reload rates can now be customized for each individual aircraft, allowing for easier balancing of aircraft armed with few powerful missiles and aircraft armed with weaker machine guns with plenty of ammo.

Spies can now steal the plans for super weapons, which then will become available either permanently or for single use. Also spies can reveal how much power or money a player currently has. As a classic defense, Ares also now allows to recreate building fakes known from Red Alert, which is a purely cosmetic feature.

A few minor features and bug fixes complete the release. For instance, self healing is now customizable to recreate Mammoth Tanks from Tiberian Dawn, warheads can now be made to damage units in the air even if detonating on the ground, and waves will now get interrupted if the target moves out of firing range.


Updated on 2016-03-29.

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