Ares 0.C is ready for download

Written for Ares by AlexB on 2016-06-18

Like its predecessor, Ares 0.C is yet another smaller release, not as feature-laden as the earlier releases. But it comes with a long-awaited feature.

Bounty finally has been added, in a simplified form. It allows units to get money for killing enemy units, either by shooting at them or crushing them. The value is customizable per veterancy level, so destroying an elite tank could give more money than a rookie fresh from the factory.

Particles have been optimized heavily: railgun and spark particle systems will no longer cause the dreaded lag known from the original games for almost two decades. The graphical particles -- gas, smoke, and fire -- now support custom palettes, supporting more detailled graphics, and gas particles can now damage an area, not just the very cell the particle is resides.

The effect of Factory Plant buildings like the Industrial Plant can be changed per TechnoType, allowing to modify the cost bonus for specific units and structures, or completely exempt them from getting a bonus.

Several existing features have been revisited also. For example, NodAdvancedPower is now again considered as default power plant for the soviets, while previously only the regular power plant was used. Spotlights and alpha lights have been reworked to support units cloaking, burrowing or being deactivated. Ivan Bombs can now be detonated even if a unit is deactivated or berzerking.

There's a handful of other new assorted features, like NoAmmoWeapon, which makes units switch to a less powerful weapon that might not need ammunition to fire while the primary weapon reloads. Warheads can be made to suppress the Unit Lost EVA message, which could be useful for silent killers and mutating weapons that don't really kill a unit. The sounds and EVA messages when a unit is promoted can be customized fully, as well as the number of frames the unit is flashing -- now even for the veteran level.

That's about it for this release. There's still a bit more to be discovered, and also a lot of internal changes as always.


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