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Second beta for Bugfixes!

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Armagetron Advanced
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Manuel Moos
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Release notes 

Lots of small improvements went into this release. There are new cycle
physics settings, chat can be moderated, new anti-lag code and the
lag-o-meter now looks correct. We've got player authentication, a friends
list and server subcommunities. Players joining a server now get a nice
fullscreen message, making server specific policies more visible.


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Changes since
- Authentication routines now use utf8 as forward- compatibility with
  trunk. Previously, non-ASCII usernames simply didn't work at all.
- Better lag slide protection: clients no longer get confused when
  the server sends their cycle back in time, and the server no longer
  does that for old clients.
- Fixed rare wallpassing bug; it required what whould usually be an
  instakill and infinte wall length.

Changes since

  New settings and commands:
- MIN_PLAY_TIME_*: minimal play time required before you are allowed to
  play on this server.
- SPAM_AUTOKICK_COUNT: minimal number of spam warning messages you get in a
  row before you get kicked.
- FORTRESS_COLLAPSE_SPEED: tune the collapse speed of fortress zones.
- VOTE_KICK_REASON: default reason given on kick votes.
- "/vote" chat interface to votes; "/vote kick <player>" issues a kick vote.
- new vote type "/vote suspend <player>" suspends a player for
- new vote type "/vote include <file>", includes configuration file
- new vote type "/vote command <command>" executes console command
  <command>. (Both that and /vote include are by default only available
  to moderators).
- VOTING_HARM_TIME: time between all harmful votes against a player
- VOTING_KICK_MINHARM: auto-transform the first few menu issued kick
  votes to suspensions
- (UN)SUSPEND kicks a player to spectator mode with a timeout. Intended to
  let new players watch before they play.
- VOTES_CANCEL cancels all running polls.
- VOTING_SUSPEND [<minutes>] disallows voting during a specified amount of time.
- ZONE_ALPHA_TOGGLE to override the systemwide alpha blendings setting and
  have zones rendered in wireframe mode even when alpha blending is on.
- ZONE_ALPHA(_SERVER) to control intensity of zone rendering.
- SCORE_HOLE for awarding sacrifice.
- SCORE_SURVIVE for player survival and FORTRESS_HELD_SCORE for not losing
  each fortress zone.
- KICK_TO and MOVE_TO: redirect a client to a different server
- DEFAULT_KICK(_TO)_MESSAGE: default reason given to players for a kick
- DEFAULT_KICK_TO_SERVER/PORT: default redirection target for KICK/MOVE_TO.
- RENAME renames a player.
- If all clients support it, PING_CHARITY_MIN/MAX can be used to constrain ping charity.
- VOTE_KICK_TO_SERVER/PORT: redirection target for vote kicks.
- SILENCE and VOICE allow to control chat of annoying players.
- SILENCE_ALL can be used on the server to inhibit all cross-team communication unless specifically voiced.
- ENABLE_CHAT can be set to 0 to disable all chat. If it is set on the server it only disables public chat and logged in players can still speak.
- LAG_*: controls game level lag compensation.
- FILTER_NAME_MIDDLE: collapses multiple whitespaces to one in player names.
- FORTRESS_CONQEST_TIMEOUT: if an enemy contact with a zone happens longer ago than
  this value, it is discarded from zone memory.
- TOPOLOGY_POLICE_PARALLEL, extra topology police flag to control the checks
  for walls getting copied into the grid in exactly the same place.
- CAMERA_GLANCE_*: separate settings for the glancing camera, work like CAMERA_CUSTOM_*.
  Likewise, CAMERA_SERVER_GLANCE_* can replace CAMERA_SERVER_CUSTOM_* when glancing.
  CAMERA_*CUSTOM_GLANCE* are server side settings that can control whether server or
  clientside settings are used in various situations, see settings.cfg for details.
- CYCLE_BOOST_? and CYCLE_BOOSTFACTOR_? for boosts when breaking away from walls,
  see settings.cfg or config.html for details
- CYCLE_ACCEL_TUNNEL, works like CYCLE_ACCEL_SLINGSHOT, but is active when
  none of the two walls you're in between is your own.
- CYCLE_WIDTH for making it impossible to squeeze through tight tunnels,
  see settings.cfg for details
- VOTING_MATURITY controls how long you have to wait after login before
  you can issue kick votes.
- CYCLE_DELAY_DOUBLEBIND_BONUS is an extra factor applied to CYCLE_DELAY
  for turns in the same direction. Can be used to limit the advantage
  doublebinders get while not punishing players who press both left and
  right at the same time.
- LAG_O_METER_(TRESHOLD|BLEND|USE_OLD): Configure the minimal size of the
  Lag-O-Meter, its color and whether to scrap it all and stick with the old
- ALLOW_TEAM_CHANGE: if set to 0 players won't be able to join a team, create
  a new team or change to another team.
  players to switch teams
- INTERCEPT_COMMANDS is a space-delimited list of chat commands that shall be
  intercepted by an external script. Example value: /login /admin /teamleave
  /teamshuffle /shuffle /team
- INTERCEPT_UNKNOWN_COMMANDS is a boolean specifying if an external script
  wishes to handle unrecognized chat commands. This would allow hooking
  arbitrary things like /foobarz or /mode ctf
- CONSOLE_LADDER_LOG boolean places the ladderlog on stdout prefixed with
  "[L] "
- PLAYER_MESSAGE <user ID or name> <Message>: Like /msg, but from the
- All ladderlog outputs can be enabled or disabled separately by using
  LADDERLOG_WRITE_*. LADDERLOG_WRITE_ALL enables or disables all ladderlog
  output alltogether.
- CHAT_LOG controls whether to write a machine-readable chatlog to
- CONSOLE_DECORATE_TIMESTAMP write a timestamp for every console message?
- LADDERLOG_DECORATE_TIMESTAMP prefix every ladderlog message with a timestamp?
- SLAP <player> [points] sends a message to everyone and subtracts a number
  of points (default: 1) from <player>'s score. Negative points are
- AUTO_TEAM_SPEC_SPAM to disable the spectator join/leave messages you get
  when AUTO_TEAM is enabled

If --enable-armathentication was activated:
- /lock, /unlock, /invite and /uninvite team management chat for players of
  access level ACCESS_LEVEL_TEAM or better.
- /teams chat command that rougly prints team layout.
- ACCESS_LEVEL_IPS to let admins see IPs of players in the list.
- ACCESS_LEVEL_SPY_MSG/TEAM to let admins spy on team/private messages.
- CASACL to temporarily raise the access level
- ACCESS_LEVEL to modify the required access level to change settings
- AUTHORITY_WHITELIST and AUTHORITY_BLACKLIST to filter authorities you want on your server.
- GLOBAL_ID_ENABLED to toggle remote accounts
- LOCAL_USER, LOCAL_TEAM for local login accounts
- MD5_PREFIX/MD5_SUFFIX for additional password scrambling
- USER_LEVEL to grant users various access levels
- RESERVE_SCREEN_NAME to reserve a screen name to a certain player
- USER_ALIAS to bend authentication names around
- (UN)BAN_USER to ban really stupid users based on their global user ID,
  BAN_USER_LIST to show a list.
- ACCESS_LEVEL_OP/ADMIN/CHAT/PLAY/PLAY_SLIDING to control who can do which things
- /login chat command then uses the more secure hashed base logins
- new chat commands /op and /deop to change other players' access rights

- Added Polish language file
- clientside play time tracking and server controlled minimal required experience
  to be allowed to play.
- color codes in chat increase the spam level logarithmically.
- /team messages get a reduced spam level; reduction factor is given by
  (team size)/(number of total players).
- /team messages can be used by spectators to chat with other spectators only.
- Performance optimizations. Using OpenGL display lists to cache geometry.
- Removed ztrick, antialiasing and perspective correction settings. They all had only one right
  setting and caused us some interesting bug reports.
- Added PLAYER_RANDOM_COLOR for lazy people who just want to have a
  color that differs from everyone else on the server.
- Configuration files get reloaded on SIGHUP
- all admin commands now also accept partial name matches, like /msg, and check for case sensitive
  matches in the screen name first, then the user name, then case insensitive matches in the two.
- --enable-krawallserver has been actually implemented now, and it enables secure logins
  to accounts local to the server and not-so-secure logins managed by authentication servers.
- A subculture list for server groups that are not managed by our main master servers
- A friends list and filter for the server browser that shows you only servers with
  your friends on them.
- The client now can handle network traffic while it is waiting for the graphics
  card to swap buffers.
- The dedicated server no longer uses a fixed delay, but a select() call (that
  returns when network data arrives) to idle. When data arrives, it does
  the minimum amount of work before it sends out the responses, resulting in
  lower latency. It is now safe to decrease DEDICATED_FPS to 20 or 10, latency
  is no longer influenced by that setting.
- Game level lag compensation. When a command arrives from a client that is delayed,
  it is backdated to the time it was issued, provided enough "lag credit" is left.
  The client is informed of the delay so it can compensate in the future, which it does
  by forging the game timer.
- Nonnormalized axes and axes with odd turning directions are now properly supported
- The camera has a memory which player you like to watch. Every time you manually switch
  the camera and your favorite player is not dead, the favorite is set to the currently
  watched player. The next time the camera doesn't know what to watch, your favorite
  will be selected.
- Players leaving to spectator mode with < clients are handled like
  spectators of clients: they stay visible to the others.
- Kick statistics are now persistent across server runs.
- MESSAGE_OF_DAY is now displayed fullscreen if both server and client support it
- Manual fullscreen messages can be triggered with
  FULLSCREEN_MESSAGE <timeout> <message content>
- Axes Indicators by meriton, can be enabled using the AXES_INDICATORS
- New "About" menu item in the main menu displays the version of
  Armagetron Advanced, the paths it uses, links to the main site, wiki
  and forums and the names of the project admins.
- New entries in ladderlog.txt:
  - GAME_TIME <time> (only if enabled via the LADDERLOG_GAME_TIME_INTERVAL
    setting): The time that has passed since the last start of a round
  - BASEZONE_CONQUERED <team> <x> <y>: A fortress zone belonging to <team>
    at the coordinates (<x>, <y>) has been conquered
  - BASEZONE_CONQUERER <player>: at the time of the last BASEZONE_CONQUERED
    message, <player> has been in the conquered zone
  - ONLINE_PLAYER <player> [<ping [<team>]]: At the beginning of the round,
    <player> had <ping> and was on <team>. This line is not printed for bots
  - NUM_HUMANS <n>: There are <n> players that are not AIs and are part of a
  - ROUND_SCORE has the player's team name appended.
  - ROUND_SCORE_TEAM: score a team accumulated during the last round.
  - WAIT_FOR_EXTENAL_SCRIPT: printed if the setting of the same name is
    enabled. In this case the server will delay the start of the next round
    until WAIT_FOR_EXTENAL_SCRIPT_TIMEOUT is reached or the setting is
- Wrapped console lines are indented by an amount of spaces that can be
  specified using the setting CONSOLE_INDENT.
- /help command that supports multiple help topics. Use
  HELP_INTRODUCTORY_BLURB and ADD_HELP_TOPIC to control its contents
- /rtfm command that allows moderators to send help messages to newbies
- /players now shows the players' color and allows searching
- TEAM_ELIMINATION_MODE sets the way ArmagetronAd removes teams when there's too much teams.

- Added compensation for drifting timers (observed often with
  overclocked mainboards)
- Text input fields now let the text wrap correctly and make use of the space allocated
  for them in a not-completely-dumb way. And *sigh* depending on the text field, color
  codes are either ignored (for the usernames) or both displayed in text and rendered.
- "KICK 2pack" no longer kicks user 2 instead of player 2pack.
- Fixed various trail end related extrapolation/simulation inaccuracies that looked
  like lag.
- When extrapolating, the game's sensors never detected own or teammates' walls,
  it mistook them for enemy walls.
- The acceleration and boost system always used settings for enemy walls instead of
  settings for team players' walls. That means that old clients connecting to a server that has CYCLE_ACCEL_ENEMY and CYCLE_ACCEL_TEAM set to different
  values experience syncing problems. The default behavior therefore is to lock
  and earlier out of your server if you set one of them away from the default.
  If you want to set both accelerations away from the default, but to the same value,
  there won't be a compatibility problem; in that case, set CYCLE_ACCEL_ENEMY_OVERRIDE
  and CYCLE_ACCEL_TEAM_OVERRIDE to 0 and old clients will be allowed in. However, you
  should manually lock out players with 0.2.7 clients, for example by modifying
  CYCLE_ACCEL_RIM a tiny bit.
- "Team Red" bug. If the server allows maximally two teams, no team ever
  gets to be Team Red.
- Phasing made even more difficult; nice side effect of the fix is
  reduced network bandwidth usage.
- Speed gauge resets between rounds.
- More accurate Lag-O-Meter by meriton.
- Zones were sometimes invisible.

- A complete netsync cycle is now sn_Receive(); nNetObject::SyncAll(); sn_SendPlanned();.
- Ping charity is now completely server controlled.

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