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OOOR (OpenObject On Rails) is a small Ruby connector for OpenERP. It's used inside the TerminatOOOR project, a Kettle ETL (Pentaho) plugin that gives full access to OpenERP from the ETL data flow.
ArpoadOOOR is the ultimate marketplace for people to share their scripts.

understand the basics of OOOR:
learn more about the TerminatOOOR ETL tool:
scripts should be easy to share and should be able to be improved. We thought that Launchpad bzr branches are the easiest for OpenERP users to share their scripts. There are OpenERP v5 and v6 branches. and directories for OOOR and TerminatOOOR scripts.
OOOR/TerminatOOOR scripts are very useful for:
* OpenERP complex adminsitration/data clean up
* automation of repetitive tasks
* OpenERP migrations
* accounting exports
* bank reconciliation imports
* import/export with OpenERP in general

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