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The "master" branch represents the primary line of development rather than a stable release branch. The "release" branch is just a snapshot of "master" when a stable point is reached that passes all tests.

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Project drivers:
ASDF hackers, Robert P. Goldman
Release manager:
Robert P. Goldman
Active Development
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is the focus of development.
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Milestones and releases

113 of 13 results
Version Expected Released Summary
ASDF 4.0 "ASDF4" 9999-12-31 not yet released Things to do for ASDF 4.
Bugs targeted: 1 Opinion, 1 Invalid, 3 Won't Fix, 3 Confirmed, 2 Fix Released
ASDF 3.3.2 "3.3 Bugfix" 2018-05-04 not yet released Bugs targeted: 1 Fix Released
ASDF 3.3 2017-03-31 2017-10-06 Merging the "plan" branch with multiphase session support. Hoping to release...
ASDF 3.2 "ASDF3.2" 2016-12-31 2017-01-10 Work targeted for release with ASDF 3.2.0
ASDF 3.1.7 2016-03-23 2016-03-23
ASDF 3.1.6 2015-09-30 2015-10-18 Bug fixes for flaws discovered in 3.1.5 and also to adapt to new implementati...
ASDF 3.1.5 2015-07-21 2015-07-21
ASDF 3.1.3 2014-07-20 2014-10-11 Bug fix release for ASDF 3.1
ASDF 3.1 "ASDF3.1" 2014-04-30 2014-05-06 Tasks done under this milestone were for what became release 3.1.2. (3.1.0.x...
ASDF 3.0.3 2013-10-04 2013-10-22
ASDF 3.0 "ASDF3" 2013-07-02 2013-07-02 Work for ASDF3 and its pre-releases was under this milestone.
ASDF 2.1 2012-06-22 2012-01-18 This never happened, but back in the early days of ASDF 2, we thought that af...
ASDF 2.000 "ASDF2" 2010-05-31 2010-05-31 Work for ASDF 2.000. Released!
113 of 13 results
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