Happy New Year / Website Changes

Written for Asgard by Russ Adams on 2012-12-30

What happened in Asgard during 2012?

1. We made 4 releases.

2. Maps objects are able to move now.

3. The map can pan.

4. Map objects now stack relative to each other (proximity stacking)

5. Hardpoints are used to keep moving map objects out of certain areas.

6. Significant updates asgardrpg.org from it's original 2008 design.

7. Closed the wiki.

Whoa! Closed the wiki? Yes, we've also closed our Wiki as of today. Don't worry! The Wiki will go on, but privately and not-indexed by search engines. Please check our website for all future updates.

asgardrpg.org is undergoing a few changes itself. For starters, we've updated our Production Roadmap, FAQ and Story pages. Please take a look at each one for up-to-date information about the project.

Thanks for your interest in Asgard. We're looking forward to big progress in 2013.

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