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Written for Asgard by Russ Adams on 2012-01-18

Asgard's websites will be blacking out tomorrow for the SOPA Strike. We're proud to support an open, free speech internet.

Asgard 0.3.6 Released

Written for Asgard by Russ Adams on 2011-12-15

Tonight we've release 0.3.6, codenamed 'Mara'. Mara offers faster startup time, spritesheet caching, minor bugfixes, Ubuntu packaging for Oneiric and is now distribute-able via a Launchpad PPA.

Source Tar/GZ:

Launchpad PPA:

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New Release Schedule

Written for Asgard by Russ Adams on 2011-12-05

After some discussion, we have decided to move to a two month release cycle. The release date will always be on the 15th of even numbered months. We hope that by having a regular release cycle we will continually spur on development of new features. We're pleased to announce that the next release will be delivered promptly on 12/15 and that we're just about ready to push it out the door. Stay tuned.

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Asgard 0.3.5 Released

Written for Asgard by Russ Adams on 2011-10-15

The big ticket item in Agard 0.3.5 is the 'Bare Bones Map'. This map supports the loading, unloading and display of Map Objects as described in the database. While 'bare bones', we're proud of the hard work it's taken to get here and we look forward to working on Terrain and Characters in the coming months.

Upcoming Map Demo

Written for Asgard by Russ Adams on 2011-09-17

Asgard 0.3.5, due for release later this month, will manifest as a simple Map demo. The demo is a 'tropical island' test environment featuring a treasure chest, a palm tree and a puddle. This demo represents much hard work and is a huge step towards the future game.

About Asgard

Asgard is a free (as in freedom) software classical role playing game which will feature a giant map, detailed dungeons, challenging gameplay and an engaging story. Please help our project out today.

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