Astrid 2.9.2 Released!

Written for Astrid by Tim Su on 2009-10-09

Changes from 2.9.0:
- Astrid Widget - go to your home screen and do the normal thing to add the Astrid widget. It is 2x2. Thanks goes to Stefan Li and Jeff Chern for their great work on this.
- Merged in two branches by Bernd Schlapsi for issues #410037 and #414999 (save/discard/delete buttons on all three tabs, date formatting)
- Back-ported quick-add interface from Astrid 3.0
- Fix for issue #430661 (double-tap edit box)

Thanks everyone for your hard work, patience, and support!

(2.9.2 fixed two bugs introduced in 2.9.1 - task list keyboard autopopup and widget sorting)

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