Astrid 2.11.0 Released!

Written for Astrid by Tim Su on 2010-02-07

Changes from previous version include:
 - updated PureCalendar widget support to include tags (thanks Francois!)
 - fixed vibrations, which were previously broken, added a setting in the menu to control vibrations
 - fixed bug where sometimes the notification dialog wouldn't display when an alert was opened
 - added an "Already Did This" option to the notification dialog
 - added a warning when Astrid detects a task killer is installed
 - added a high-res icon for Droid, Nexus One, and other WVGA854 devices
 - widget now updates in the background every 30 minutes, so previously hidden tasks will be displayed when they are made visible
 - tweaked auto-sync logic to wake up the phone from sleep mode so that sync happens regularly

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