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Astrid's Source Code is Moving!

Written for Astrid by Tim Su on 2010-06-07

Astrid's source code is moving to: Our translation project will still be hosted here (thank you Launchpad!!). If you have any support requests, please use

Thank you!

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Astrid 2.11.0 Released!

Written for Astrid by Tim Su on 2010-02-07

Changes from previous version include:
 - updated PureCalendar widget support to include tags (thanks Francois!)
 - fixed vibrations, which were previously broken, added a setting in the menu to control vibrations
 - fixed bug where sometimes the notification dialog wouldn't display when an alert was opened
 - added an "Already Did This" option to the notification dialog
 - added a warning when Astrid detects a task killer is installed
 - added a high-res icon for Droid, Nexus One, and other WVGA854 devices
 - widget now updates in the background every 30 minutes, so previously hidden tasks will be displayed when they are made visible
 - tweaked auto-sync logic to wake up the phone from sleep mode so that sync happens regularly

Astrid 2.10.0 Released!

Written for Astrid by Tim Su on 2009-11-09

This is a bug-fix and language update release. Fixed bug with Locale notifications not displaying, RTM synchronization, and importing the latest language updates from Launchpad (Catalan, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmal, Dutch, Polish, Russian, and Chinese Simplified and Traditional). Fixed bug with widget on Droid displaying incorrectly.

Astrid 2.9.2 Released!

Written for Astrid by Tim Su on 2009-10-09

Changes from 2.9.0:
- Astrid Widget - go to your home screen and do the normal thing to add the Astrid widget. It is 2x2. Thanks goes to Stefan Li and Jeff Chern for their great work on this.
- Merged in two branches by Bernd Schlapsi for issues #410037 and #414999 (save/discard/delete buttons on all three tabs, date formatting)
- Back-ported quick-add interface from Astrid 3.0
- Fix for issue #430661 (double-tap edit box)

Thanks everyone for your hard work, patience, and support!

(2.9.2 fixed two bugs introduced in 2.9.1 - task list keyboard autopopup and widget sorting)

Astrid 2.9 released

Written for Astrid by Jon Paris on 2009-08-28

We released Astrid 2.9. With some bug fixes and performance improvements. The next version will have a new feature!

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