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ASUS T100 - Linux&Ubuntu
Lionel Dor
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download icon bluez-5.36.tar.xz (md5) bluez-5.36.tar 397
last downloaded 3 days ago
download icon BCM4324B3.hcd (md5) BCM4324B3 1,109
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Bluetooth Instructions T100TA

These are instructions to install bluetooth on T100TA and its variants

Since Kernel 4.3 and 4.4 bluetooth is now managed by btattach instead of hciattach

1. need to download latest bluez from GIT repositories

or you can download the file in the Bluetooth folder on the ASUS t100 Drive

2. Next cd into the directory which you extracted the bluez into

automake or autoreconf (may need to install dependencies)
./configure --enable-experimental
sudo make install -j4

this should compile the latest bluez

3. Next you need to cd /tools
sudo cp btmgmt /usr/local/bin/ (for some reason it doesnt install this)

4. then run
btattach --bredr /dev/ttyS4 -P bcm
follwed by
hciconfig -a --- this verifies the bluetooth is working

5. Download the BCM4324b3.hcd file.
   You need to sudo cp the BCM4324B3.hcd to /lib/firmware/brcm/

6. Finally add the following to /etc/rc.local
sudo nano /etc/rc.local
btattach --bredr /dev/ttyS4 -P bcm
ctrl+o then ctrl+x

reboot and bluetooth should be working for you


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