Registered 2005-04-16 by Frode M. Døving

aterm is a fast, and good looking terminal emulator. Feature highlights include off-focus fading of text, and fast pseudo-transparency.

aterm is designed to provide pleasing visual effects, while performing such a mundane function as terminal emulation under X. It is largely based on rxvt code. Several points set it apart from other similar applications :

    * fast pseudo-transparency, that does not consume any additional resources.
    * optional off-focus fading of text - when aterm looses focus its contents is dimmed.
    * NeXT-ish scrollbar
    * integration with AfterStep window manager, allowing for aterm looks to be determined by AfterStep theme, and allowing aterm do things like semitransparent gradiented background, JPEG, PNG and other images used as background, and more.

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Frode M. Døving
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