Atomix 2.13.2

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Gabe Gorelick
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Release notes 

* Bumped version number to catch up with the GNOME release it is targeting
* Fixes build on Cygwin
* Fixes several bugs in the last release
* Atomix now uses less CPU time and features greatly reduced memory consumption
* Updated translations:
  - Albanian [Laurent Dhima]
  - Bulgarian [Alexander Shopov]
  - Canadian English [Adam Weinberger]
  - Estonian [Ivar Smolin]
  - Japanese [Takeshi AIHANA]
  - Norwegian (bokmÃ¥l) [Kjartan Maraas]
  - Punjabi [Amanpreet Singh Alam]
  - Slovak [Marcel Telka]


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* NEWS: updated

* released 2.13.2

* src/board.c, src/main.c, src/main.h, src/undo.c: stop giving a pointer to the AtomixApp structure as argument to function calls: it only uses the stack unnecessarily, as it's a global variable. Also clean up the code a bit.

* src/ don't fail when symbols are resolved in order (Cygwin). Thanks to yselkowitz at Closes #314130.

*, src/, level/ fixes (actually work-arounds) to make the build process work and not break, make distcheck.

* gtk-clock.[ch]: replaced with a more specific implementation, only designed to suit Atomix's needs, removing bloat and lots of unnecessary overhead

* main.c: adapted for the change above.

* Add pa to ALL_LINGUAS.

* Add nb to ALL_LINGUAS.

* src/level-manager.c, src/theme-manager.c: move g_free and closedir calls to inside an if in both files, to avoid a crash in very weird environments (closes #321758)

* level/sequence: fixed level sequence to comply with the new name of some levels.

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