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trunk series Focus of Development
Latest milestones: juno-beta1
Bugs targeted: 1 New, 1 Confirmed, 2 In Progress
Blueprints targeted: None

The "trunk" series represents the primary line of development rather than a stable release branch. This is sometimes also called MAIN or HEAD.

0.4-loki series Current Stable Release
Latest releases: 0.2.4, 0.2.2,, 0.2.1,,,, 0.2
Bugs targeted: 38 Fix Released
Blueprints targeted: 2 Implemented

elementary OS Loki

0.3-freya series Active Development
Latest releases:,, 0.1
Bugs targeted: 1 New, 172 Fix Released
Blueprints targeted: None

elementary OS Freya

0.1 series Active Development
Bugs targeted: None
Blueprints targeted: None

This 0.1 series of Audience represents the first work done on this video player.

14 of 4 results