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A clean and lightweight PHP framework

This project is basically just my desire to have a small, lightweight framework which I can use as a base for my personal projects. Something where I can easily expand from and takes care of the core functionality that a website or web application needs. Later, when the essentials are done, I might look into adding more desirable functionality.

I am making this project open source so that anyone who may find this project useful can download it. Of course you are also invited to suggest features or contribute code if you want too!

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Bart Willemsen
Bart Willemsen

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  • Release 0.3! on 2013-12-09
    Pfoo! It's been a while, but after a few months here it finally is. Version 0...
  • Version 0.2 released on 2013-08-25
    Today I tagged release 0.2! I mostly focussed on a basic database class. Plus...
  • Version 0.1 released! on 2013-08-19
    The first official version of Aurora, version 0.1 has just been released! Thi...
  • Code hosting moved to BitBucket on 2013-08-02
    Because I am just far better with Git as with Bazaar, I decided to move the c...