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Happy Two-Factor Verifying!

Authenticator for Mac is a native and modern Mac app that generates one-time password (i.e. TOTP security tokens defined by RFC 6238) that can be used with the two-factor verification of so many popular Internet services (such as Google, Evernote, GitHub, Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook, Linode etc.). You'd like to think of it as a modern Mac version of Google Authenticator.


- Be compatible with all the populator OTP utilities such as Google Authenticator, Authy and OTP Auth
- Native and modern UI
- Scan QR codes that include accounts and appear on the computer screen with an awesome QR codes picker
- Automatically lock in order to protect your vault against unexpected access
- Work offline
- Opened source under MIT license so that you can evaluate security, modify source code or contribute to this repo. I’m looking forward to see some other contributors :-)


- iCloud and Dropbox sync
- Notification Center widget for fast picking up passwords
- Scan QR codes that include accounts with Mac camera
- Supports counter-based (i.e. HOTP security tokens) passwords for special usagea

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Torin Kwok
Torin Kwok
MIT / X / Expat Licence

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