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Release notes 

The AutoPPA team is proud to announce AutoPPA 0.0.6!

The new release includes a number of new features:

 * New autoppa-switch tool
 * New version string format
 * New Ubuntu packages

Read on for more...

New autoppa-switch tool

A new autoppa-switch tool allows for easy ad-hoc switching of the
version and release in a working tree. It generates content from
templates and processes files with special AutoPPA symbols. It's
helpful when debugging build problems or fixing release-specific

New version string format

The version strings generated by AutoPPA now use the numeric Ubuntu
version instead of the code name. A version string previously
generated as supertool_1.3.11-dapper1-upside1 will now be generated
as supertool_1.3.11-upside1.6.06. The reason for making this change
is that code names are only technically valid during development.
Once and Ubuntu release is made it is officially referred to by it's

New Ubuntu packages

This release includes new packages for all supported releases
of Ubuntu. They are available in the AutoPPA team's PPA:

You can find the release files at:

You can always get the latest source code from Launchpad:

  bzr branch lp:autoppa


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 * A new tool 'autoppa-switch' allows for easy ad hoc switching of
   the version and distro in a working tree (Christopher Armstrong
   <email address hidden>).
 * The version strings generated by AutoPPA now use the numeric
   Ubuntu version instead of the code name. A version string
   previously generated as supertool_1.3.11-dapper1-upside1 will
   now be generated as supertool_1.3.11-upside1.6.06.
 * When the EDITOR environment variable is undefined, AutoPPA will
   use the VISUAL environment variable to determine which editor to
   use (Jelmer Vernooij <email address hidden>).
 * Files modified with generated content from .autoppa templates or
   that have magic AUTOPPA_VERSION() symbols are reverted before
   changes are committed. This makes it possible to, for example,
   have a default debian/control file that isn't modified after a

Bug fixes:

 * Added missing python-pexpect package dependency.
 * Files with a ~ in their name are correctly removed during

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208606 #208606 AutoPPA should use bzrlib instead of using pexpect to run bzr in a subprocess 4 Medium Jamu Kakar  4 Won't Fix
145775 #145775 Processed files should be returned to their original state 5 Low Jamu Kakar  9 Fix Committed
220515 #220515 autoppa package doesn't list python-pexpect as a dependency 5 Low Jamu Kakar  9 Fix Committed
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