Awn Extras 0.2.4

Next release of awn-extras, include more applets, more bug fix ...
Rewritten build system,
Shared libraries for applets to use,
GMail applet renamed to Mail applet,
Stacks: experimental GUI,
Removed BlingSwitcher due to license issues and lack of a maintainer.

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Awn Extras
Neil J. Patel
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1 Nicolas d, 1 Rémi Audebert, 1 Timon_and_Pumba, 2 moonbeam
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Release notes 

Since the 0.2.1 release, a number of new applets and other changes have occurred in the awn-extras tree.
New applets

    * Affinity (yes, that Affinity)
    * Arss (Applet to view feeds)
    * Awn Terminal
    * Cairo Menu
    * Clock/Calendar
    * Comic
    * Digg
    * Digital Clock
    * File Browser Launcher
    * Last.FM
    * MiMenu
    * Mount
    * Pandora
    * Places
    * PyClock
    * Shiny Switcher
    * Standalone Launcher, Taskmand, Taskmand-applet: an alternative to the built-in launchers and task manager.
    * Terminal Services

Other changes

    * Rewritten build system
    * Shared libraries for applets to use: libawn-extras (with python bindings) and AWNLib (for Python only)
    * The GMail applet has been renamed to the Mail applet and has been completely rewritten. As a consequence, it no longer uses libgmail.
    * Stacks: experimental GUI
    * BlingSwitcher: Due to the lack of both a maintainer and a license, this applet will most likely be removed from the tree. However, an archived copy will be linked on the forum and the wiki.


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A Clock Applet A Clock Applet 3 Medium Nicolas d  11 Implemented
Awn Notification Applet Awn Notification Applet 3 Medium moonbeam  11 Implemented
Replace Stack applet with new (python) version Replace Stack applet with new (python) version 3 Medium Timon_and_Pumba  11 Implemented
libawn-extras libawn-extras 3 Medium moonbeam  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
179875 #179875 [Patch] Media Control: mouse wheel support 6 Wishlist Rémi Audebert  10 Fix Released
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