Awn Extras 0.3.2

The Awn Extras team is proud to announce the release of version 0.3.2. This release features several new applets, rewritten applets (mostly due to license issues), and many bug fixes.

Awn Extras is a catch-all project which houses mainly third-party applets for use with Avant Window Navigator (Awn).

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Awn Extras
Julien Lavergne
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Release notes 

New Applets:

    * Animal Farm: Various animals tell your fortune.
    * Cairo Clock: a replacement for pyclock (due to license issues). It provides three themes, and (if python-dateutil and libgweather are installed) allows you to add additional clocks for different locations.
    * Comics!: A flexible comic strip viewer.
    * CPU Frequency Monitor: controls and monitors the CPU frequency (useful for laptops)
    * Desktop Manager: manages the desktop wallpaper for GNOME and Xfce.
    * Media Player: plays anything you drop on the applet.
    * ThinkHDAPS: monitors the accelerometer for IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad hard drives.
    * PyNot: a configurable notification area AKA system tray.
    * Remember The Milk: A simple interface to the web service.
    * To-do: A todo list.
    * Tomboy: A simple interface to the Tomboy application.

Changes to Applets:

    * Battery Applet: rewritten, now requires HAL.
    * Cairo Menu: various fixes
    * Digital Clock: various fixes
    * Media Control: various fixes
    * Notification area: looks fancier now
    * Quit Applet: rewritten; supports the GNOME 2.24 quit behavioral changes
    * Shiny Switcher: various fixes
    * Terminal: various fixes
    * Volume Control: rewritten

Removed Applets:

    * cairo-menu-classic (use Cairo Menu)
    * PyClock (license issues, use Cairo Clock)
    * tsclient (license issues)
    * Workspace Switcher (use Shiny Switcher)

For Packagers:

    * Animal Farm: new runtime dependency on the fortune binary.
    * Battery Applet: new runtime dependency on HAL via DBus.
    * Cairo Clock: optional runtime dependencies on libgweather (for the Locations.xml(.gz) file) and the python dateutil module.
    * CPU Frequency Monitor: optional runtime dependency on gnome-applets, for the cpufreq-selector binary.
    * PyNot: runtime dependency on python-xlib.

For Applet Developers:

    * AWNLib has been overhauled. It is now PEP8-compliant.

Known Issues:

    * Cairo Menu: Intermittent issue of submenus overlapping parents may still be present.
    * Cairo Menu and Places applets: Certain fonts/locales are broken.
    * Media Player: errors are not currently displayed.
    * Shiny Switcher: Switching window managers tends to result in inconsistent behavior.


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