The Ayatana Project 2010-09-02

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The Ayatana Project


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2 Gord Allott, 1 Jay Taoko, 1 Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen, 3 Neil J. Patel
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Bug report Project Importance Assignee Status
612548 #612548 black flickering when hovering the panel Unity Unity 3 High Jay Taoko  10 Fix Released
623953 #623953 new tiles are unresponsive Unity Unity 3 High Gord Allott  10 Fix Released
606254 #606254 flickering in places animation Unity Unity 4 Medium Neil J. Patel  10 Fix Released
608153 #608153 Trackpad scrolling is slow and jerky; should be identical to Launcher scrolling behavior Unity Unity 4 Medium Neil J. Patel  10 Fix Released
607805 #607805 Searching in Files Place shows duplicates Unity Unity 5 Low Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen  10 Fix Released
608133 #608133 Successive search states cause blinking/flashing Unity Unity 5 Low Neil J. Patel  10 Fix Released
625199 #625199 Use gettext plural forms Unity Unity 5 Low Gord Allott  10 Fix Released

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