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1 Chris Halse Rogers, 2 Jason Smith, 1 Neil J. Patel, 2 Sam Spilsbury
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Bug report Project Importance Assignee Status
727143 #727143 unity-window-decorator crashes with SIGSEGV when closing Java windows Unity Unity 3 High Sam Spilsbury  10 Fix Released
740126 #740126 Disabling an output can cause vblank events to be missed Unity Unity 3 High Chris Halse Rogers  10 Fix Released
758839 #758839 Lens doesn't start on login Unity Unity 3 High Neil J. Patel  10 Fix Released
766074 #766074 Unity/Compiz restarts when dragging files from the dash to Totem Unity Unity 3 High Jason Smith  10 Fix Released
787277 #787277 Undecorated windows have host decorations placed on them after maximize/unmaximize cycle Unity Unity 4 Medium Sam Spilsbury  10 Fix Released
750781 #750781 Opening quicklist with launcher keynav returns focus to previous window Unity Unity 5 Low Jason Smith  10 Fix Released

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