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2 Albert Astals Cid, 1 Andrea Cimitan, 3 Gerry Boland, 1 Lohith D Shivamurthy, 1 Olivier Tilloy, 1 Tiago Salem Herrmann
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Bug report Project Importance Assignee Status
894441 #894441 [dash] Highlighted text not redrawing correctly unity-2d unity-2d 5 Low   3 Invalid
944724 #944724 [dash] [hud] If no active window, shell processes crashes unity-2d unity-2d 2 Critical Gerry Boland  10 Fix Released
812104 #812104 Long delay on session logout unity-2d unity-2d 3 High Albert Astals Cid  10 Fix Released
932092 #932092 apps/docs are not launched when performing a search on the home lens unity-2d unity-2d 3 High Olivier Tilloy  10 Fix Released
942031 #942031 There's a gap between the launcher and the upper panel unity-2d unity-2d 3 High Albert Astals Cid  10 Fix Released
942045 #942045 [unity-2d] FF exception to add HUD to Unity2d unity-2d unity-2d 3 High Gerry Boland  10 Fix Released
841902 #841902 Dash - Genre filter category in the Music Lens should use a 3 column layout unity-2d unity-2d 5 Low Lohith D Shivamurthy  10 Fix Released
932291 #932291 selected lens arrow should be on top instead of bottom unity-2d unity-2d 5 Low Tiago Salem Herrmann  10 Fix Released
936881 #936881 [launcher] pixel-perfection fixes, new assets, tile & pip position, border line & context menu position unity-2d unity-2d 5 Low Gerry Boland  10 Fix Released
939586 #939586 Workspace switcher icon should not generate background from icon unity-2d unity-2d 5 Low Andrea Cimitan  10 Fix Released
934059 #934059 No glow assets still needed X Y Z unity-2d unity-2d 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released

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