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1 Lohith D Shivamurthy, 1 Paweł Stołowski, 1 Tiago Salem Herrmann
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2 Invalid, 6 Fix Released

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Bug report Project Importance Assignee Status
950965 #950965 Shell crashes when doing certain actions in System Settings window unity-2d unity-2d 2 Critical   3 Invalid
920802 #920802 Unity-2d 5.2.0 in precise: Quicklists no longer accessible with Orca. unity-2d unity-2d 1 Undecided   3 Invalid
953168 #953168 Loss of DBus connection with active Dash/Hud results in broken panel unity-2d unity-2d 3 High Paweł Stołowski  10 Fix Released
750514 #750514 [launcher] super key and number from _keypad_ doesn't work unity-2d unity-2d 4 Medium Lohith D Shivamurthy  10 Fix Released
948299 #948299 [dash] Home lens state not reset if dash closed & reopened unity-2d unity-2d 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
949636 #949636 Use title case capitalization "Lock to Launcher" & "Unlock from Launcher" unity-2d unity-2d 5 Low   10 Fix Released
953403 #953403 tiles highlight incorrect, highlight only visible at edge unity-2d unity-2d 5 Low Tiago Salem Herrmann  10 Fix Released
960194 #960194 [UIFe] Use average color of wallpaper to tint launcher/dash/panel/hud unity-2d unity-2d 5 Low   10 Fix Released

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