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1 Aurélien Gâteau, 2 Cody Russell, 1 Omer Akram, 2 Ted Gould
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Bug report Project Importance Assignee Status
550956 #550956 use the proper -panel icon for the default avatar The Me Menu The Me Menu 4 Medium Omer Akram  3 Invalid
548652 #548652 menu mouse-scrolling broken, when themes enable gtk-auto-mnemonics Ayatana Ubuntu Ayatana Ubuntu 4 Medium Cody Russell  8 In Progress
438720 #438720 user switching takes you to a gdm user list, not the user selected Ayatana Ubuntu Ayatana Ubuntu 2 Critical Cody Russell  10 Fix Released
548882 #548882 right click menus on system tray display off-screen Ayatana Ubuntu Ayatana Ubuntu 3 High Aurélien Gâteau  10 Fix Released
549096 #549096 Duplicate Broadcast Icons in Indicator Applet Ayatana Ubuntu Ayatana Ubuntu 4 Medium Ted Gould  10 Fix Released
555816 #555816 mail accounts are shown below mail separator in indicator-messages Ayatana Ubuntu Ayatana Ubuntu 4 Medium Ted Gould  10 Fix Released

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