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1 Canonical Desktop Experience Team, 1 Cody Russell, 1 Mirco Müller, 1 Ted Gould
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Bug report Project Importance Assignee Status
419839 #419839 Ensure proper usage of icons in the messaging menu Ayatana Ubuntu Ayatana Ubuntu 4 Medium Canonical Desktop Experience Team  3 Invalid
434726 #434726 Gets indicator attention for joining people Ayatana Ubuntu Ayatana Ubuntu 4 Medium Ted Gould  10 Fix Released
439437 #439437 screen-brightness over- and undershoot effects not triggered in notification-bubble Ayatana Ubuntu Ayatana Ubuntu 4 Medium Mirco Müller  10 Fix Released
432179 #432179 cursor should not show during xsplash startup Ayatana Ubuntu Ayatana Ubuntu 5 Low Cody Russell  10 Fix Released
290471 #290471 Status icon in notification area not required when using FUSA applet and Messaging Menu Ayatana Ubuntu Ayatana Ubuntu 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released

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